About Us

CHEFAIDE is a non-profit, apolitical and non-denominational organization born in Montreal by the initiative of people of different origins in order to assemble several efforts to get involved in the development of communities in different corners of the world through education, entrepreneurship, social and humanitarian assistance, as well as bridging communities of diverse origins.

CHEFAIDE is made up of people of different origins and nationalities, who are committed to working together to eliminate all forms of discrimination and to facilitate cultural exchanges to carry the message of solidarity, humanity and development for all across the planet. The members of CHEFAIDE respect each other, protect and assume the complete and autonomous democratic management of their NGO.

The collective management of CHEFAIDE is reflected in the democratic participation in internal communications in CHEFAIDE’s networks, meetings and assemblies, as well as an active contribution to the tasks necessary for the smooth running of the NGO. The members thus exercise control over the quality of their collective living environment in CHEFAIDE, like that of a biological family.

In Canada, CHEFAIDE’s mission is to facilitate the integration of the immigrant community and provide them with 100% moral and social assistance.

10 Years in Action

We have appear to the aide of crises in Africa, and we look forward to expand our helping to the entire world to ensure that poverty become invisable.

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Our Plan

All donations will go to support  main problems: food, education, health. Our project is working with troubled people in the world more than 10 years and we’ve achieved great successes.

  • 35% of funds go to food
  • 28% for Educational Funds
  • 22% for medical care
  • 15% for Clothe


Based on human values of mutual aid and sharing, CHEFAIDE’s main objective is to contribute to the development of communities by working in education, entrepreneurship, social and humanitarian assistance.

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Give Scholarships

Give the gift of knowledge and future with our scholarship packages.

Our Mission

To be recognized as a reference organization bringing together different communities for the reduction of poverty and the improvement of living conditions.
We are accepting donations of any size. Donating 1% of your monthly income won’t hurt you but will serve a great job for these children

Development Goals


The Pregnancy


Infant Mortality


Maternal Health

These kids require your help!

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