CHEFAIDE sees education as the key to ending poverty, driving development and the best way to develop the capacity of individuals, families in communities and populations to know and enforce their rights. That's why education is the No.1 goal of CHEFAIDE. It is grouped in three (03) activities:


Our mission:

Awareness on

  • The importance and benefits of education
  • the importance of prosperity to health
  • The importance of information in the protection of the environment
  • The importance of information in the prevention of war and the establishment of peace and stability in communities and countries.
  • Protection of the poor and people with reduced mobility
  • L’entraide inter-ethnique, raciale et communautaire pour la sécurité et la paix dans les régions et les pays

Orientation and supervision of young people

  • Orientation in the right options for studies
  • Orientation in areas of employment
  • Supervising young people to stay in school with stimuli

Literacy and adult orientation

  • Adult literacy and their delivery to school
  • Follow-up of literate adults and their orientation in professions of the future

Women's development

  • Encouraging women to educate themselves to educate their children
  • Encourage women to undertake and support themselves through editing and implementation of micro and macro projects.
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