Our mission:

Promote the activities of all entrepreneur members.

Our activities are based on the following actions:

  • TRAINING The goal is to equip all aspirants in entrepreneurship or all people already in practice through practical and concrete training to get them to succeed in their various activities. By encouraging young people to our coaching and mentorship training courses, which for us are the most practical tools for better results, we want to create a new elite of entrepreneurs determined to take positive actions for the development of their community without interests.


  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT To know oneself, to have a self-confidence, to discover one's potential, to know one's purpose, are essential factors for the development of every individual. Through this section we help our members to be winners in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir lives. We do coaching and mentoring, we connect each member to a mentor to coach them and help them excel.
  • STRATEGIC ALLIANCES We are constantly looking for partners with local and international entities, establishing win-win partnerships that will provide CHEFAIDE with the necessary means to implement its objectives. Currently CHEFAIDE facilitates MONEY TRANSFER from Canada to Africa and vice versa at competitive rates.
  • NETWORKING We created the CHEFAIDE entrepreneurs club, with the aim of helping all CHEFAIDE entrepreneurs to increase their visibility, to find new partners or customers. The goal is to promote the activities of all entrepreneurs not only but especially to provide our organization with resources to undertake more self-help action in the world. We will organize exchanges and sharing meetings to promote this cohesion. A big meeting is planned for this year, meeting which will launch the creation of the club of entrepreneurs.
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