CHEFAIDE is convinced that crises, extreme situations of vulnerability and natural disasters are destabilizing factors that could jeopardize any community development project. That’s why, as a humanitarian community, CHEFAIDE is making efforts to build people’s capacity to cope with precarious conditions.

At the Humanitarian level, we practice in two (02) areas namely:


We have participated in more than 10 major humanitarian
cases on this day WITHOUT SUBSIDY.

Our mission

  • Mobilize and support populations in the identification and implementation of citizen activities in anticipation of emergency situations.
  • To stand alongside populations and support them in vulnerable situations
  • Participate in recovery processes in preparation for a return to normal after an emergency.

Two axes support this mission

1. Prevention Through awareness, education and mobilization, we help people and communities to become aware of the impact of environmental, socio-economic and health determinants on quality of life. Identifying innovative activities, safeguarding the environment and basic social services guide our actions. Awareness and education focus on:

  • The importance and benefits of education
  • the importance of prosperity to health
  • The importance of protecting the environment
  • The importance of war prevention and the establishment of peace and stability in communities and countries.
  • Protection of the poor and people with reduced mobility
  • Inter-ethnic, racial and community self-help for security and peace in regions and countries.
  • The mobilization for environmental protection and basic social services activities materializes our awareness and education efforts.

2. The intervention
Our intervention can be punctual in emergency situations and / or spread over time in the form of development aid. Depending on the scale of the emergency and our resources, material and human assistance operations may target a person, a small group of people or a community. In addition to the presence of specialists and actors on the ground, these operations are composed among others of consumables and / or equipment of primary necessity, of gifts of money. Access to basic social services remains a priority. Our intervention will also aim to set a beacon to help people rebuild their lives.

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