CHEFAIDE Policies and Procedures

Please check this section regularly as updates may be applied in any time.

Become a member of CHEFAIDE:

Anyone can become a member of CHEFAIDE provided you are at least 18 years old. The people under the age of 18 and able to understand CHEFAIDE can also be members with approval from one of the parents.

To be a member, please:

• Fill in the registration form in person or online ()

• Attach a photo

• Download the document understand CHEFAIDE and PROCAIDE

• To wait for receipt of registration confirmation in ISIOS

********* Enter a reference in ISIOS

Only active promoter members or any other member mandated by the coordination can make registration in ISIOS.

For any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact the communication cell (+15148838397) to have the form by another means besides the website.

Become a representative

Conditions of eligibility:

• Agree to be subject to a six-month probation period prior to confirmation official representation

• Join as an active promoter member and pay membership fees for at least six month

• Demonstrate a sense of leadership and good character

• Facilitate the registration of at least 06 new members

• Be able to connect to ISIOS at least once a week and participate in discussions of constructive way

• Be able to form a temporary office headed by 04 departmental managers in accordance with the activities of CHEFAIDE (Education, Entrepreneurship, Social and Humanitarian), which in their turn will have to register as an active promoter member and pay 06 months of membership.

• Participate (the office) at least 01 social case during the first 03 months of exercise, to 03 cases during the 06 months of evaluation

• Prepare a monthly report of activities

• Have passed the CHEFAIDE recognition test Become a department manager

• Being an active promoter

• Be up to date with your contributions

• Be of good character

• Have a good knowledge of the organization

• Have a sense of leadership

• To be able to address an audience in order to present CHEFAIDE

• Being able to lead a team

• Be present and active in our social networks through ISIOS

• Connect to ISIOS and participate in exchanges if necessary on a regular basis, and this at least 01 every two days

• Produce monthly reports of the activities of his department Become a partner of CHEFAIDE

• Send a written letter by email () or by mail (207-2030 Boulevard Pie-IX, Montreal, QC, H1V2C8) to the central management of CHEFAIDE to the attention of principal coordinator Mr. Dominique

• Accept the use of the logo in our various communication media

• The agreement must be consolidated by a signature of both parties with the presence or consent of the coordinator CHEFAIDE meeting

• Meetings will be monthly

• The agenda and the date of the meeting will be identified by one of the members of the coordination

• The maximum duration is 03 hours. However, members may decide to extend it in a mutual agreement

• One hour before the meeting, any scheduled delays must be reported to one of the following numbers:

Montreal 438 338 0358

Ottawa: 343 882 1920

Quebec: 418 478 3067

Sherbrooke: 873 888 9040

**************************** Access code: 514 558 4272 #

Any unreported delay will be noted in the member’s file and will be considered non-compliant the rules and will be taken into account in subsequent decisions

********** Presidency of meetings

• Can chair the meeting only members who are part of a given department

• A list of volunteers will be drawn up and the chair will take turns

• Be up to date with your contributions

• To be able to speak in public

• Have a sense of direction and organization

*Make posts in ISIOS and through our social networks

CHEFAIDE encourages all members to contribute at all levels through publications, comments and or suggestions.

• Any message or communication addressed directly to the members in order to bring them a new information of any nature whatsoever, must have the approval of the communication (send a private message in ISIOS or in whatsapp or by sms 5148838397) under the supervision of the coordination

• Any publication of text, image or any other related to political or religious subjects is

  • It will be automatically deleted without warning.

    If the action repeats a second time, the publication will be deleted and the account will be removed from the group for 6 months before being reactivated.

    After a third unsuitable publication despite the warning and suspension, the member will be permanently deleted from the group and all our contact networks. The latter will also lose all the benefits of joining.

    If the member wishes to join CHEFAIDE again, he will undergo an unsecured reassessment process led by coordination

    • Any publication that does not comply with CHEFAIDE’s mission and that falls outside the scope of certain  ongoing discussions will be automatically removed without notice

    ************ Leave the group

    • Any member may decide to unsubscribe from CHEFAIDE platforms without notice provided to inform beforehand the communication cell (5148838397). Non-compliance with this procedure will be noted in the member’s file and will be taken into consideration.

    Make voluntary donations All members or non members can make voluntary donations at any time without limit of anonymously or not. Those wishing to make voluntary donations should contact the donation collection cell or the social or humanitarian department.

    Subsequently, the receiving cell of the donations will have to record them in the fundraising document and ensure they are routed to the appropriate place.

    * Species

    Cash donations are only available online or at CHEFAIDE’s headquarters. To make a cash donation to headquarters, notify the General Coordinator and he / she will be responsible to register it or delegate a resource to do it.

    * Material

    Material donations are recorded by the donation collection unit or the social department or that will ensure that they are routed to the appropriate location.

    Request assistance from CHEFAIDE

    All members or non-members can ask for help from CHEFAIDE, no matter the nature of the need.

    ******** Non-members

    • Follow the registration process in ISIOS by completing the form either online or in contacting the social cell.

    • The social unit will analyze the situation and establish a solution to the case presented following the procedure in force.

    ********The members

    • Contact the adapted department

    • The cell concerned will analyze the situation and establish a solution to the case presented by following the procedure in force.

    To undertake a personal activity or not on behalf of CHEFAIDE

    All members of CHEFAIDE of any category may decide to undertake a commercial activity or not on behalf of the organization but this must meet the following criteria:

    • The member must contact the communication cell of CHEFAIDE prior to beginning any process and explain its intentions in detail by a written letter that it will be possible to send either by email ( or by Post Office (207-2030 Pie-IX Boulevard, Montreal, QC, H1V2C8).

    If the member encounters linguistic problems to write a letter, he can be helped to write it, and if there is no one to assist him, the member can in this case contact the communication cell (5148838397 ) by telephone and explain his intentions in detail.

    • The communication cell, following receipt of the file and after a thorough analysis will submit the file to the coordination for approval. Note that when analyzing your file, a representative of the communication cell may contact you for additional information.

    • Once the file has been approved by the coordination, the communication cell will register the member in the active promoter category if it is not, if it is already registered then the registration will not be necessary.

    • Once registered or already registered in the active promoter category, the communication unit will transmit the file to the Entrepreneurship Department.

    • The member will be contacted by the Entrepreneurship Department who will record it in their database and follow up the file.

    Execution conditions:

    • The member must collaborate with the members of CHEFAIDE in the locality where the activity will take place

    • The activity should benefit CHEFAIDE members as a priority. If there is no member of CHEFAIDE in the member’s known locality, the member must contact the entrepreneurial unit for follow-up.

    • Any decision that will reveal the execution of the activity will have to be discussed beforehand with the Entrepreneurship Unit which will transmit the file to the coordination through the cell of the follow-up and Planning for approval.

    NB: Failure to comply with these procedures may result in the temporary suspension of the member, or even total exclusion if no provision is made by the latter to comply.

    Together we will go further and everywhere!

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